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What does it cost?

Regular admission is $10.00. Members, Seniors (65 & over), and Juniors (14 & under) pay $7.00.

How can I pay?

At this time we accept cash and cheques. For advance bookings, through this website only, we use PayPal. To purchase advance tickets, click on the title of any film on our calendar and follow the instructions under "Purchase Advance Tickets". Advance tickets are available until 12 Noon the day of any given showing.

Do I need a membership to see a movie?

No, anyone can come anytime for regular price. A membership will save you money though. They cost $20.00 ($16.00 for students), and are good for a year from the date of purchase. If you come to City Cinema more than once every two months, you save money. If you come just once every 2 weeks, it adds up to over $50 in savings over a year. Members must show their cards to receive the discount, and cards are not transferrable or replacable.