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Pogey Beach

Rated 14 Accompaniment (Crude Content, Coarse Language, Substance Abuse) ~ Runs 95 minutes

Dir.: Jeremy Larter, Canada, 2018

Celia Koughan, Robbie Carruthers, Ryan Cameron

“Pogey Beach follows the misadventures of recently arrived come-from-away Bethany Lockwood on Pogey Beach and her immersion in a world of drinking, dune screwing, crib playing, and cash jobs... Bethany quickly finds herself being courted by both the King of Pogey Beach, Gary Gallant, and Lyle MacDonald, spiritual pogey bum. Things turn sour when Bethany’s disapproving father sicks the Pogey Narcs on the beach and threatens their whole way of life... There’s a special place for this brand of over-the-top comedy that makes it exempt from all other rules. In the end, its ultimate value is in the number of belly laughs it gets, and Pogey Beach gets them. From Ryan Cameron’s sly Bricklyn roll-up and ‘hey hey hey,’ to Dennis Trainor’s shaved head, to every tiny cultural quirk that gets worked in, Pogey Beach is one ridiculous moment superseded by the next... Pogey Beach makes Prince Edward Island look like a great time. The film is likely to become a cult classic.” - Alex Cook, The East Magazine

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May 19