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Gbeck Future Film Fest

Rated To Be Announced


Please visit here for advance tickets.

Youth, future, and new films! Gbeck Future Film Festival is a large-scale competition of original films created by filmmakers from around the world. The Gbeck competition is designed to discover and support young filmmakers.

The list of winners of the fifth Gbeck Future Film Festival will be announced in Beijing in April 2019. At the same time, from April 5-7, the Gbeck Future Film Festival will present the winning films at City Cinema in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. The presentation of the top films in Charlottetown will serve to promote multicultural exchanges and develop the cultural sector in Prince Edward Island.

The films are produced mainly by young Chinese filmmakers and all films have English-language subtitles. The films are categorized as drama, documentary or animation and they range in length from three minutes to two hours. Each screening will last about two hours in total and the sessions are themed, with topics such as “A feast for the eyes,” or “Family affection.”

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April 21