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Porcupine Lake

Rated 14 Accompaniment (Disturbing Content, Language May Offend) ~ Runs 85 minutes

Dir.: Ingrid Veninger, Canada

Charlotte Salisbury, Lucinda Armstrong Hall, Christopher Bolton

Canadian Screen Awards nominee for Best Supporting Actress

“Filmmaker Ingrid Veninger hits her sweet spot with Porcupine Lake, which trades some of her scrappier aesthetic instincts for a more polished veneer but keeps the heart... of her best work... Porcupine Lake uses Georgian Bay as the stage for the halting summer transformation of Bea (Charlotte Salisbury), a shy Toronto export spending some time in cottage country as her parents figure out what to do with their strained marriage and the family diner... If the broad outline of this story is familiar, the details of Bea’s summer maybe-friendship, maybe-more with local Kate are refreshingly idiosyncratic. Kate is a bracing girl, her runt-of-the-litter status at home seemingly compelling her to aggressively take the driver’s seat with her new cosmopolitan friend, whose waif-like beauty belies an inner grit Kate never quite wants to see for what it is. There’s real dramatic tension and a bit of danger in how Bea responds to Kate’s provocations, sensual or otherwise. It’s a testament to her perceptiveness about the complicated lives of young women that Veninger allows this dynamic to stay charged and peculiar to itself right to the end without making any grand, universal statements about the nature of adolescent girls’ friendships... Amidst the more refined naturalistic photography and tighter-than-usual plotting, it’s this emotional acuity that makes Porcupine Lake instantly recognizable as Veninger’s work.”- Angelo Muredda, Cinema Scope. “Remarkable performances by the two young actors at the centre of the film – along with assured, subtle storytelling by director/screenwriter Ingrid Veninger – propel this cottage country coming-of-age drama.” - The Globe and Mail

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July 15