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Lost in Paris

Rated Parental Guidance ~ Runs 83 minutes

Dir.: Dominique Abel/Fiona Gordon, France

Emmanuelle Riva, Pierre Richard, Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon
In English and French with English subtitles

“Lost in Paris (Paris pied nus), a deliriously funny, continuously inventive, slapstick extravaganza that Buster Keaton fans will devour with relish. A fiftyish French spinster gets a note that her octogenarian aunt (the grand Emmanuelle Riva in one of her final performances) needs her help. The laughs and whimsy never end in this visually resplendent production. One of the year’s zany best.” - Huffington Post. Those few souls who were fortunate enough to see the Belgian slapstick comedy Iceberg know that Fiona Gordon and Dominique Abel are gifted practitioners of the comic art of Buster Keaton and Jacques Tati with their sight gags, pratfalls, and odd behavior. In Lost in Paris, they express their relish for the antics of three eccentric characters who are caught up in a romantic comedy unlike any other ... Fiona is a prim and proper librarian living in a frigid, snowy place in Canada... One day, Fiona receives a letter from her 88-year old Aunt Martha indicating that this isolated woman is in some sort of distress. Fiona has a big heart in her very thin body and so she flies to Paris. When there is no answer at Martha's apartment door, she decides to take a walk. Posing to have her picture taken, Fiona falls backwards into the Seine losing her purse, her passport, and her bulky backpack. Her loss is the gain of Dom, a homeless man who frequents fancy restaurant dumpsters for food and sleeps in a tent... When Dom and Fiona meet, and she discovers he has confiscated her things, these two lonely characters decide to work together to find Martha... Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon have written and directed Lost in Paris as a far-out romantic comedy... an excursion well-worth experiencing!” - Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality & Practice. “Abel and Gordon are, simply put, the two funniest clowns working in cinema today... with their latest film they are bound to finally register on America’s radar... I’d go as far as to promise that Lost in Paris offers the three most delightful sight gags you’ll see on screen all year.” - Variety

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January 14