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Cézanne et moi

Rated 14 Accompaniment (Coarse Language, Nudity) ~ Runs 117 minutes

Dir.: Danièle Thompson, France

Guillaume Canet, Guillaume Gallienne, Alice Pol
In French with English subtitles

“’With you I never know if I’m dealing with a dog, a cobra or a butterfly,’ the writer Émile Zola says out of frustration and impatience to the Post-Impressionist painter Paul Cézanne in Cézanne et moi. The film, an intimate, searching portrait of the turbulent friendship between the two geniuses, focuses on the insecurity, competitiveness and complicated love lives of these two ambitious men of opposite temperament. And in so doing, it offers a pungent, demystifying portrait of the rowdy late-19th-century Parisian art world where famous painters and poets mingled and jostled for position at dinner parties and art openings filled with shoptalk, backbiting and intrigue. It also makes a point of showing the profound self-doubt that led Cézanne to attack his canvases in fits of rage and Zola to consider destroying his manuscripts. Creativity for both men, who were acutely aware of their diminishing powers as they aged, was more agonizing than ecstatic.” - Stephen Holden, The New York Times

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November 19