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Picking Lucy's Brain

Rated To Be Announced ~ Runs 26 minutes

Dir.: Jason Rogerson, Canada, 2002

Jenna MacMillan, Laurie Murphy, Rex McCarville, Graham Putnam, Connie Siemens

Presented by Invisible Ink Productions. All seats $5.00 When Shirley Webster, an imaginative, red-headed loner meets her literary hero, she feels she has finally found her kindred spirit. Equally affected, the famous author thinks she has met her greatest creation in the flesh. There's just one catch. Lucy is a zombie. The auspicious debut by Charlottetown's Invisible Ink Productions, Picking Lucy's Brain offers a satirical look at the tourism industry on Prince Edward Island. Throughout the course of this offbeat digital video short, Islanders will be offered an eye-opening glimpse into the, as yet, untold story of the inner workings of the tourism industry, as Shirley fights to keep her friendship with Lucy alive in the face of dogged Tourism Control Division agents under the command of the unstoppable Colonel Grey. When pressed to describe his eclectic tale, writer/director Rogerson commented: 'Think Anne of Green Gables meets E.T. meets the Confederation Players meets Night of the Living Dead. In a good way.' The cast includes cameos by poet John MacKenzie and members of the comedy troupe 4-Play - Rob MacLean, Rob MacDonald, Matt Rainnie, and Ed Rashed. The action is highlighted by an original music score composed by local saxman Barrie Sorensen and performed by Charlottetown's eklektikos new music project. Other musical contributions include a track from The Rude Mechanicals, a new song by Eyes For Telescopes. Catch the movie trailer online at

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April 21