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Sex, Sin & 69

Rated Parental Guidance

80 minutes

Dir: Sarah Fodey, Canada, 2019

This film is presented in both English and French with alternating subtitles. 

Presented by Egale Canada and SandBay Entertainment with support from the Government of Canada.

This is a free screening, tickets at the door.

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Don’t miss visiting the complimentary companion photo exhibit on display at the Delta Hotel and Convention Centre open 10am to 5pm daily from July 24-26 for more background and history on the film. 18 Queen Street in Charlottetown in the John A. MacDonald Ballroom at the Convention Centre.

In June 1969, Canada enacted landmark legislation to “decriminalize” homosexuality nationwide. 50 years later, there is a need to explore how this history continues to impact the LGBTQI2S community. On a national tour across Canada, Sex, Sin & 69 is a historical retrospective that reflects on this contested history. Told through contemporary voices including queer academics, historians, activists, educators, artists and community builders, the film challenges our understanding of queer history by shining a light on widely adopted misconceptions surrounding decriminalization. The perspectives highlighted throughout the film lend it the contemporary relevance required to resonate with a modern audience largely removed from ‘decrim’ and historical queer Canada.