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Gloria Bell

Rated 14 Accompaniment

(Language May Offend, Nudity, Sexual Content) 102 minutes

Dir: Sebastián Lelio, US/Chile, 2018
Julianne Moore, Sean Astin, Jeanne Tripplehorn, John Turturro

“Director Sebastián Lelio made history at the 2018 Academy Awards when he brought Chile its first ever Best Foreign Language Film prize... The title character in his joyful English-language remake of Gloria seems ordinary by almost any measure: A fiftysomething Los Angeles insurance agent, she drifts mostly unseen between her job and her apartment and her half-oblivious children - not so much mistreated as benignly erased by late middle age. But she still lives for the little things, like taking herself out to the dark discos where other like-minded anonymous boomers let themselves go on the dance floor. That’s where she meets Arnold (John Turturro), recently single and almost instantly smitten - though not perhaps as available, or as worthy, as he seems. Through it all, Gloria carries on: singing wildly along to her car radio, chatting amicably through a bikini wax, getting stoned alone on the living-room floor. And Moore - vulnerable but undauntable - lives every moment in her skin, fantastic to the last glorious frame.” - Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly