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Mademoiselle de Joncquières

Rated 14 Accompaniment

109 minutes

Dir: Emmanuel Mouret, France
Cécile de France, Edouard Baer, Alice Isaaz, Natalia Dontcheva

In French with English subtitles

“This is a welcome return to the sexual/romantic machinations of Dangerous Liaisons, though, unlike the latter, no scorecard is necessary for this compact and sumptuous film, also set before the Revolution. French director Emmanuel Mouret has mounted a grand showcase for his cast, especially for the imperious and scheming widow Madame de La Pommeraye. She has come up with an elaborate and foolproof plan to humiliate the infamous libertine Marquis de Arcis, who wooed a once indifferent de la Pommeraye, won her, and then slowly tired of her. Now she pursues her special brand of justice... The dialogue tosses off epigrams with ease (‘Happiness that doesn’t last is called pleasure’), and the production design re-creates a world that is, according to one put-upon woman, built on lies. Based loosely on a short story by Denis Diderot, this is decadently delicious and was among the top three films seen at TIFF.” - Kent Turner, Film-Forward. “This highlight from the festival is a pleasurable way indeed to pass two hours at the cinema.” - The Hollywood Reporter