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Viva l'Italia

Rated Parental Guidance

129 minutes

Dir: Roberto Rossellini, Italy
Renzo Ricci, Paolo Stoppa, Franco Interlenghi

In Italian with English subtitles

Part of The Charlottetown Film Society & L’Ipéen film series.

Tickets at the door, cash only, all seats $10.

Italian filmmaker Roberto Rossellini has always been fascinated by historical figures, from Louis XIV to Francis of Assisi. In 1961, to celebrate the centenary of "Expedition of the Thousand", Rossellini devoted a film to Giuseppe Garibaldi and his famous military campaign. Isabella Rossellini once said "My dad's movies are fading away, My father is slowly being forgotten." Fortunately, from time to time, a film a bit forgotten as is the case here, is revived in a beautifully restored copy! L’Ipéen and The Charlottetown Film Society are truly excited to allow Island moviegoers to rediscover (or discover) a forgotten Rossellini masterpiece.