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Sherlock Holmes

Rated To Be Announced

115 minutes

Dir: Arthur Berthelet, US, 1916
William Gillette,Edward Fielding, Marjorie Kay

Silent with English intertitles.

Presented by L’ipéen in collaboration with the Charlottetown Film Society.

Silent with live music provided by Jasmine Michel and friends.

Tickets at the door, Admission $15 ($10 for members of the Charlottetown Film Society).

Considered lost for a long time, this first film version of Conan Doyle’s hero was found in the vaults of the French Cinematheque. The French Cinematheque in collaboration with the San Francisco Silent Film Festival has done a magnificent restoration of the only movie starring William Gillette. Gillette played Holmes over 1300 times on stage and gave a quasi-definitive version of the character. He wrote the play in which the script of the film is adapted.