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Meditation Park

Rated Parental Guidance

(Mature Theme) 94 minutes

Dir: Mina Shum, Canada
Sandra Oh, Pei-Pei Cheng, Don McKellar, Tzi Ma

“Shum mines her favourite theme – immigrant experience in Canada – in what seems at first to be a gentle slice of life but eventually develops a powerful emotional force. Maria (a radiant Cheng Pei Pei) has been a dutiful housewife to her workaholic husband (Tzi Ma), but when she learns he’s having an affair, everything changes. She’s determined to engage with the world and to find some semblance of independence while contemplating a way to confront her husband. She’s aided and abetted by her daughter (Sandra Oh, wonderful, as usual), who’s having her own issues with her husband, and by her quirky neighbours (including Don McKellar). Vancouver is another secondary character, lovingly shot, especially in Chinatown, but the key here is Maria’s personal and political awakening.” - Susan G. Cole, Now Magazine. “With warmth and humour, Shum subtly addresses the trauma and isolation of the immigration experience, as well as the challenges faced by second generation immigrants because of their parents’ lasting trauma. – Alex Heeney, The Seventh Row