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The Shape of Water

Rated 14 Accompaniment

(Coarse Language, Graphic Violence, Sexual Content) 123 minutes

Dir: Guillermo del Toro, US
Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins, Doug Jones

Presales for Saturday March 17th are now closed, there will be about 30 tickets available at the door, which opens at 6:00..
Academy Award Winner for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Score, and Best production Design

“The Shape Of Water is another achingly beautiful adult fairy tale from director Guillermo Del Toro. Elisa (Oscar-nominated Sally Hawkins) is a mute loner who lives above an old cinema. At the military research lab where she works, the ‘most sensitive asset ever to be housed in this facility’ arrives: a savage aquatic creature who Elisa secretly woos with hard-boiled eggs and vintage vinyl. As he becomes a pawn in a Cold War weapons race, she risks all to save him. This is a mesmerising, profoundly emotional tale of vulnerable outsiders - and it’s beyond gorgeous to look at.” - Larushka Ivan-zadeh, Metro