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The Child Remains

Rated 18 Accompaniment

(Coarse Language, Violence) 112 minutes

Dir: Michael Melski, Canada
Suzanne Clément, Allan Hawco, Shelley Thompson, Martha Irving

Presented by The Charlottetown Film Society.
Q&A with director Michael Melski following the screening.
Advance tickets are available here
Winner of 5 Edmonton Festival of Fear Awards including Best Feature and Audience Choice, and many other Festival Awards.

“The Child Remains borrows from the heartbreaking, true story of the Butterbox Babies - a series of murders and illegal adoptions at a Novia Scotia maternity home in the 1920s through 1940s — as a jumping-off point, and puts a supernatural spin on things. The result is a brooding, atmospheric chiller that delivers a whopper of a third act. The story concerns married couple Rae and Liam, who go to the secluded Mersey bed and breakfast for Rae’s birthday weekend. It’s no secret from the start that something is amiss with proprietor Monica, who senses correctly that Rae is pregnant. Rae is also a former investigative reporter who has stayed away from work while dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, and she begins having strange, nightmarish visions at the Mersey. This is for good reason; the building has a horrible history, having once been a home for unwed mothers run by Monica’s mother, who sold off healthy babies illegally and killed those she considered unsellable... Melski imbues The Child Remains with an ever-present sense of dread, using a slow-burning - but always intriguing and engaging - approach until he unleashes that corker of a final act. A ghost box, eerie toys, and certain unnerving discoveries made by Rae are but a few things that help build suspense. Melski focuses on psychological horror in the tradition of such films as The Conjuring, Rosemary’s Baby, and The Legend of Hell House... Splendid cinematography, taut direction and crisp editing, creepy set design, and a fitting score all work in harmony to offer up one of the finer horror efforts of this year’s festival offerings.” - Joseph Perry, Gruesome Magazine