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Back To Burgundy

Rated Parental Guidance

(Language May Offend) 114 minutes

Dir: Cédric Klapisch, France
Pio Marmaï, Ana Girardot, François Civil, Jean-Marc Roulot

In French, English, and Spanish, with English subtitles

“Story strands intertwine like vines in this engaging family drama about three siblings who inherit their family’s winery in Burgundy. Jean returns from Australia, leaving his wife, son and vineyard to visit the dying father whose influence he fled 10 years earlier. His sister, Juliette, now runs the wine business but as a woman she struggles to be taken seriously; the youngest brother, Jérémie, is browbeaten by an overbearing father-in-law. Wine flows through the veins of all three; the episodic storytelling has something of the rambling, well-lubricated quality of a bar-room anecdote. Very watchable.” - Wendy Ide, The Guardian (UK)