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Pop Aye

Rated 14 Accompaniment

(Language May Offend, Nudity, Sexual Content) 104 minutes

Dir: Kirsten Tan, Thailand/Singapore
Thaneth Warakulnukroh, Penpak Sirikul, Bong

In Thai with English subtitles

Winner, Big Screen Award, Rotterdam International Film Festival; World Cinema Screenwriting Award, Sundance Film Festival

“Deliberately paced but consistently charming, this offbeat road movie takes place in Thailand, following an architect enduring a midlife crisis. He impulsively buys a former circus elephant with ties to his childhood, then takes it on a nostalgic odyssey across the country to reconcile with his family. Some quirky happenings along the way, including an encounter with a suicidal homeless man, launch a contemplative examination of loneliness, aging, mortality and regret. The sharply observed screenplay adeptly balances gentle humor and poignancy.” - Todd Jorgenson, Cinemalogue. “Pop Aye is a conventionally structured road tale with sparkling character interactions and a delightful variation on the concept of man’s best friend. An architect and an elephant are fellow misfits and finely matched traveling companions in this Thailand-set adventure. Tan, a Singapore-born, New York-based filmmaker, blends humor and sadness, three time periods, genre entertainment and insights on time and memory in this gentle, philosophical, entertaining dramedy centering on two travelers past their prime.” - Anita Katz, The San Francisco Examiner