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Rated Parental Guidance

(Language May Offend, Mature Theme) 116 minutes

Dir: Aisling Walsh, Canada
Ethan Hawke, Sally Hawkins, Kari Matchett

“Aisling Walsh’s film is a sympathetic and observant look at a social outcast who became a pioneer of the Art Naïve school. At its heart, Maudie is the story of two eccentrics who get together when Maud, a hobbled, odd-looking woman suffering from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis agrees to keep house for Everett, a crabby, antisocial misfit who makes a living peddling fish. Certainly Everett’s grumpy personality would give pause to anyone but the most desperate potential partner. He makes it clear that Maud ranks third in importance in the household, after his dogs and chickens. At the same time, sharing the same bed leads to other eventualities. ‘We’re like a pair of odd socks,’ Maud observes once they settle into their own peculiar version of marital accord. Starting by adding colour to little things around the house, then to walls and nearly everything else, Maud begins painting. Eventually, she puts out a sign: ‘Paintings for sale’. And so begins a modest but ever-growing career for this peculiar woman who paints everyday objects in a simple, one-dimensional fashion that possesses an undeniable appeal.... Maudie is, in its own eccentric way, a classic success story against the odds, the tale of an extreme underdog who achieves a measure of success and happiness.” – Todd McCarthy, Hollywood Reporter