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Knives Out

Rated Parental Guidance (Language May Offend, Not Recommended For Young Children) ~ Runs 130 minutes

Dir.: Rian Johnson, US, 2019

Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette

Presales are now closed for Saturday night's show. There will be about 30 tickets available at the door when we open at 6:00.

“Rian Johnson masterfully presides over an incredible ensemble cast in an enthralling murder-mystery which keeps you guessing to the very end. Harlan Thrombey is an extremely rich crime novelist who has invited his extended family to his extra­ordinarily grand mansion to celebrate his 85th birthday. His plans to smooth over some long-standing squabbles and disputes are hampered somewhat when his housekeeper finds him dead in his study. As the family gather to mourn (and hear the reading of his rather substantial will, of course), the police probe the murder with the help of world-renowned investigator Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig). He has no idea why he’s been asked to investigate - he just knows there was a big old envelope full of cash involved. As each member of the family, including Richard (Don Johnson), Linda (Jamie Lee Curtis), Joni (Toni Collette), Ransom (Chris Evans) and Walt (Michael Shannon) fall in and out of the spotlight, each with their own motives and secrets, all we viewers can do is strap ourselves in and start playing detective. This is a film dripping in fun. Everyone looks like they had an absolute riot from start to finish.... Daniel Craig is not so much a surprise as a blooming revelation. His Deep-Southern drawl, tweed suits and pipe are about as far from an Aston Martin as you can get. And he revels in it... In fact, everyone involved has dived in head-first, dialling it up to 11, including a deliciously horrible Evans. The twists keep coming and I guarantee you will not see the killer coming.” - Jamie East, The Sun

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May 24