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Brittany Runs A Marathon

Rated 14 Accompaniment (Coarse Language) ~ Runs 104 minutes

Dir.: Paul Downs Colaizzo, US, 2019

Jillian Bell, Jennifer Dundas, Patch Darragh

Audience Award Winner, Sundance Film Festival

“One of the year’s most winning comic heroines... Brittany is a hoot.” - The San Francisco Examiner. “Terrifically engaging... the best kind of crowdpleaser.” - Variety “Brittany is exactly the kind of fun big girls are supposed to be; she’s always ready for the next drink and the next joke and she never asks for too much. But what if she did? Brittany Runs a Marathon is the answer: a whip-smart comedy that manages to deliver genuinely funny uplift without ever swerving away from its own dark side. Jillian Bell stars as a New York party girl who gets a harsh awakening from her GP when he tells her during a routine checkup that her body mass index is way too high, and her liver is essentially turning into paté. The truth is, she’s tired of being the fat best friend... So she finds an old sports bra and a pair of sneakers, and pledges to make it to the end of the block outside her Queens apartment. It doesn’t go well. But as she keeps going, and finds an unlikely pair of running buddies - Michaela Watkins’ wealthy, chirpy divorcée and Micah Stock’s sardonic gay dad - her life and her body slowly begin to take a new shape. Director Colaizzo based his big-screen debut on his own real-life best friend, and there’s a huge amount of affection for both her and his lead actress apparent in the way he lets her story unfold onscreen in all its facets... The thing that truly makes the movie, though, is Bell. An actress who’s consistently stolen scenes from her more famous costars... she brings a real, messy humanity to Brittany... losing weight or meeting a guy who actually wants to be nice to her doesn’t fix her problems onscreen, just like it’s not a magic wand in the real world. Calaizzo does give his heroine a certain kind of happy ending, one that’s satisfying and cinematic in all the ways a good rom-com should be. It feels earned, though, and still open-ended; a sweet victory lap for a race she’ll have to keep running long after the credits roll.” - Leah Greenblatt. Entertainment Weekly

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May 24