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More on  in the Internet Movie DatabaseSometimes Always Never

Rated Parental Guidance ~ Runs 91 minutes

Dir.: Carl Hunter, UK, 2018

Bill Nighy, Alice Lowe, Jenny Agutter, Sam Riley

“You’d expect a drama about loss, love and regret to be heavy and dramatic, but Sometimes Always Never is not. This delightfully offbeat British movie has a surprisingly light touch and manages to be emotionally moving without being overwrought... Alan (Nighy) has been searching for his son Michael for some time. Years earlier, Michael walked out of the family home after an argument over a game of Scrabble. He’s not been seen or heard from since. Alan and his other son Peter (Riley) have come together at a seaside town with a grim task - to see whether an unidentified body is that of Michael’s. While there overnight, they meet a couple that has come to look at the same body. Whiling away the time, Alan agrees to a game of Scrabble, revealing himself to be quite the shark, wise of the triple-word-score ways and playing the likes of “muzjik” (which is an indentured Russian servant, by the way). This is a family obsessed with ‘lovely words’, even if they are terrible at communicating... Alan moves in with Peter and his family and becomes entangled in their daily dramas, but can he learn to reconnect with the son that stayed, the one he’s neglected while he’s been busy obsessing over the one that left? That is, until he starts to play online Scrabble with someone he’s convinced is Michael, trying to send him a message through those little lettered tiles... It’s a gorgeously crafted film with striking compositions and a detailed production design, with its timeless aesthetic, rich colours and patterns that makes everything feel slightly otherworldly... The affecting ending ties together this sweet, kind-hearted film in a way that more than satisfies.” - Wenlei Ma,

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