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Wild Rose

Rated 14 Accompaniment (Coarse Language, Sexual Content) ~ Runs 100 minutes

Dir.: Tom Harper, UK, 2019

Julie Walters, Jessie Buckley, Sophie Okonedo

“Actress Jessie Buckley delivers the biggest star making performance of the year in the electrifying crowd pleaser Wild Rose. As budding 23 year old country singer Rose-Lynn Harlan, Buckley establishes a commanding presence that captivates, enthralls, and moves.... Buckley’s tough talking, hard living Glaswegian has recently been released from a prison stint. She makes her way back to her concerned and increasingly vexed mother (an equally brilliant Julie Walters) and her two young children. Immediately, Harlan sets about putting her burgeoning country music career back on track, a decision driven by immense talent and a single-minded goal of success; one that could cause her family even further pain and trauma. Nicole Taylor’s perceptive and witty screenplay gives Buckley (and the rest of the cast) plenty to work with. The musical sequences are some of the year’s biggest show stoppers, which says a lot in a year that has been packed with some indelible songs and on screen performances. But the film belongs to Buckley, who’s a force of nature... Wild Rose is the type of film that should rightfully propel this woman into the stratosphere.” - Andrew Parker, The Gate

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May 24