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The White Crow

Rated Parental Guidance (Coarse Language, Nudity, Sexual Content) ~ Runs 127 minutes

Dir.: Ralph Fiennes, UK/France, 2007

Oleg Ivenko, Ralph Fiennes, Louis Hofmann

“Subject and style could not be more different than in The White Crow, but that fusion of opposites has resulted in an involving biographical drama that rarely puts a foot wrong. Speaking of feet, the subject is Rudolf Nureyev, a dancer to conjure with, a superstar/sacred monster who changed the very nature of ballet, the first major Soviet artist to defect to the West and a man who had, a biographer wrote, ‘an innate sense that borders were meant to be crossed.’ Nureyev’s highly dramatic, unexpected story has been brought to the screen in an impeccably classic way by actor Ralph Fiennes... More than that, great care has been taken to stick closely to the facts of Nureyev’s passion-driven life, especially the film’s climactic moments, the dancer’s impulsive but finally inevitable 1961 decision to defect to the West in the departure lounge of a Paris airport... White Crow alternates between three different periods in the dancer’s life. These include his impoverished childhood in the central Russian city of Ufa (following his birth on the Trans-Siberian Railway, of all places), his days as a ballet student in Leningrad, and the trip to Paris with the Kirov (now the Mariinsky) Ballet that led to his defection.” - Kenneth Turan, The L.A. Times. “Director Ralph Fiennes makes this hypnotic look into the young life of controversial ballet icon Rudolph Nureyev a thing of bruised beauty and an exhilarating gift.” - Rolling Stone

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May 24