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Rated 18 Accompaniment (Crude Content, Frightening Scenes, Language May Offend, Nudity, Not Recommended For Children, Substance Abuse, Sexual Content, Violence) ~ Runs 96 minutes

Dir.: Gaspar Noé, France/Belgium, 2018

Sofia Boutella, Romain Guillermic, Souheila Yacoub
In French with English subtitles

Cannes Festival Winner, Art Cinema Award

“Gaspar Noé’s latest feature is an exhilarating affair, a film about a group of dancers in a nightclub whose initially blissful evening turns very dark and violent after somebody spikes the Sangria with LSD. The concept is simple – in the course of one eventful night, the dancers are taken from heaven to hell. Noé tackles his material with enormous relish. The dance-off that we see early in the film, in which the characters compete with one another to show off their best moves, is filmed and performed with a manic energy that puts Gene Kelly’s collaborations with Stanley Donen to shame. Noé’s dialogue, as the characters bitch and bicker among themselves or share their sexual fantasies, is obscene but frequently very witty. The film, which is loosely based on a real-life incident, has the feel of a crime mystery too. Nobody knows who spiked the cocktails... This is provocative and often bravura filmmaking – a chamber piece which takes traditional dance movie elements and pushes them to crazy extremes. Noé, who is now in his mid-50s, has been called the bad boy of French cinema almost since the day his career began. Climax shows him at his most fiery and original.” - Geoffrey Macnab, The Independant (UK)

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October 20