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California Typewriter

Rated General ~ Runs 103 minutes

Dir.: Doug Nichol, US

Silvi Alcivar, Tom Hanks, John Mayer, David McCullough, Sam Shepard

Presented by The Charlottetown Festival of Paper, Ink & Pressure

Tickets at the door only, cash only; all seats $10.

A documentary about those for whom the typewriter remains daily tool and touchstone, about one of the last typewriter repair shops in America, and about why the typewriters might just be what we need to return to in this topsy-turvy digital age. "This ideology, of the craftsmanship of communication itself, is poignant and timely. As we build computers and other human-facing technologies to ease our navigation of ever-more-digitally dependent worlds, it could be argued that we’re losing touch with the actual worlds we live and breathe in. California Typewriter makes it almost painfully evident how that relationship, between ourselves and a physical world, is not just in danger, but vital to our experience as organic, messy beings. It’s a conversation for the ages. And it’s one that is made urgent by the other half of this meta-banter: the typewriter can only live as long as we support it.” - Film Threat

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June 16