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The Silence

Rated General ~ Runs 80 minutes

Dir.: Mohsen Makhmalbaf, 1998

Tahmineh Normatova, Nadereh Abdelahyeva, Goibibi Ziadolahyeva
In Persian with English subtitles

Part of The Charlottetown Film Society & L’Ipéen film series.

Free screening, donations accepted at the door.

"From one of Iran's most celebrated filmmakers, comes The Silence, a hypnotic symphony of visual and aural rhythms. The Silence follows the life of Khorshid, a blind 10-year- old boy who experiences the world through sound. Living with his mother in a small village in Tajikistan, Khorshid earns money tuning musical instruments."
"Everywhere in this film I saw God, I saw poetry and I saw life. Perfect images... I think that everywhere in this film is beauty. I don't know if I've ever seen anything as beautiful as this. One doesn't need to understand because sometimes understanding happens through feeling and the feeling that passes this film... I think that this film is poetry taking pure cinematic form and cinema taking pure poetic form. It cannot be explained, only way it can be understood is through heart" - Still Here
This is part of our new Discovery Series, so it will be a free sreening (with donations at the door)

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July 21