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Hearts Beat Loud

Rated Parental Guidance (Mature Theme) ~ Runs 97 minutes

Dir.: Brett Haley, US

Nick Offerman, Kiersey Clemons, Ted Danson, Toni Collette, Blythe Danner

“Nick Offerman plays Frank Fisher, a single parent and the owner of a Brooklyn record shop, in Hearts Beat Loud, a winning comedy-drama from Brett Haley (the Hero, I’ll See You In My Dreams). Frank’s daughter, Sam, is heading to college soon, but when their jam session demo tape becomes a minor hit, the parent is the one who starts acting like a teenager. From that simple premise, Haley weaves an emotionally resonant story about indie rock, middle age, fear of change and the empty nest blues. Hearts Beat Loud is a showcase for Offerman... With a bushy gray beard, an occasional cigarette and an ever-present plaid shirt, Frank is an instantly identifiable type. He grouses about life to local bar owner Dave (Ted Danson) and nurses a low-key crush on his landlady, Leslie (Toni Collette). Frank saves his best self for Sam, whose mother died many years ago. Whenever Sam gets snotty, Frank resorts to kindness; when she pushes him away, he perseveres. Their musical collaboration begins as a goof-around session, but when Sam reveals real writing talent and a soulful voice, Frank gets serious and submits their music to Spotify. Meanwhile, Sam has her own life to lead... Hearts Beat Loud could be the unauthorized sequel to High Fidelity... Filmed on location in Brooklyn’s industrial-hip Red Hook, Hearts Beat Loud is filled with perfect details and sharp observations.” - Rafer Guzmán, Newsday

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August 18