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All the Money in the World

Rated 14 Accompaniment (Coarse Language, Gory Scenes, Graphic Violence) ~ Runs 133 minutes

Dir.: Ridley Scott, US

Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer, Mark Wahlberg

Academy Award Nominee for Best Supporting Actor

“Director Ridley Scott has made his Citizen Kane with this exceptional real life kidnap thriller. Orson Welles' 1941 masterpiece was a scorching evisceration of the soul-rotting nature of obscene wealth. And Scott follows in the maestro's footsteps with this fascinating and enthralling portrait of oil magnate, J. Paul Getty. When his grandson is kidnapped in Italy, the wealthiest man in the world refuses to pay the $17m ransom, a staggering sum in 1973. This leaves Getty's estranged and penniless former daughter-in-law to try and negotiate her son's release. Michelle Williams is terrific as Gail and deservedly receives top billing. Adverse headlines were generated when original star Kevin Spacey became embroiled in the Hollywood sexual assault scandal. Even though filming had finished, his part was hurriedly and successfully reshot with the veteran Christopher Plummer replacing him in the role of Getty. And it's impossible to imagine Spacey could have been better than Plummer, who delivers a monstrous and intriguingly sympathetic figure. It's also important to not to underestimate the strength of Mark Wahlberg's performance as a former CIA operative, employed by Getty to assist Gail. The richest man in the world, J. Paul Getty refuses to pay the ransom for his grandson Fittingly there is Rolls Royce craftsmanship in all departments, and we're swept elegantly along by Scott's accomplished driving of the story. He confidently sculpts a typically fabulous visual texture as he moves fluidly from the US to Africa and Europe... And Scott has the confidence to slow the pace to create tension as the clock ticks down.” - Chris Hunneysett, The Daily Mirror

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March 24