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Victoria & Abdul

Rated Parental Guidance (Language May Offend, Mature Theme) ~ Runs 111 minutes

Dir.: Stephen Frears, UK

Judi Dench, Ali Fazal, Michael Gambon, Eddie Izzard

We have sold 50 advance tickets, there will be 20 more tickets available at the door. January's Buzz has an incorrect showtime, show will start at 6:45, doors will open at 6:00.

“Stephen Frears’s retelling of the platonic love affair between the elderly Queen Victoria and her much younger Indian manservant (charismatic Bollywood star Ali Fazal) is whimsical and endearing. Abdul, a 24-year-old common clerk, finds himself plucked from obscurity to accompany a fancy gold trinket from Bombay to Buckingham Palace. Five thousand miles and four months at sea later, he faces his grand moment at a palace dinner. Sternly schooled in the rules of royal approach – no sudden movements, no backs turned, and no eye contact – Abdul ignores them all, and the Queen is instantly smitten by the stranger in the turban who dares to kiss her feet. The 70-something Queen is terribly lonely, and still mourning the loss of her two great loves, the late Prince Albert and the treasured manservant John Brown. Abdul’s kindness and open-hearted curiosity captivate a woman starving for human connection, and Fazal makes Abdul’s swift ascent to royal confidante believable. Frears glosses over certain realities of the era but maintains the sweet core of his story: A wildly unlikely, almost entirely chaste romance that would sound too fantastical to believe if it hadn’t actually happened.” – Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly

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December 9