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Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

Rated Parental Guidance (Language May Offend) ~ Runs 90 minutes

Dir.: Alexandra Dean, US

Mel Brooks, Diane Kruger, Peter Bogdanovich, Denise Loder DeLuca

“Hedy Lamarr led a thrilling, all-over-the-place life: an immigrant whose movie fame rose and fell even more than most, who suffered through many marriages and more than her share of tragedy. Oh, and during WWII, Lamarr invented ‘frequency hopping,’ a defensive technology that found its way into wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, and cell phones. Bombshell gives full attention to all of her peaks and valleys, so it’s of interest to cinephiles, war buffs, and feminists alike. But its real heart is in its closing passages, in which director Alexandra Dean lays out the rediscovery of Lamarr’s invention, and her subsequent public reintroduction, in the 1990s; it’s moving and inspiring, and just the right closing note for this engaging profile.” - Jason Bailey, Flavorwire. “A thoroughly engaging, eye-opening showbiz doc.” - The Hollywood Reporter

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December 16