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Tommy's Honour

Rated Parental Guidance (Language Warning) ~ Runs 117 minutes

Dir.: Jason Connery, UK

Peter Mullan, Jack Lowden, Ophelia Lovibond, Sam Neill

“’There's only one story you'll get from me,’ growls Peter Mullan from behind a hedgerow of coarse woolly beard. As Tom Morris in Tommy's Honour, the veteran Scottish actor embodies the pioneering exploits of a St. Andrews man who inaugurated the Open Championship from his humble standing as greenkeeper and caddie to the club's upper echelons. In designing courses and handcrafting clubs with the help of his sons, Morris paved the way for the sport of golf. However, the tale at hand offers more than mere sporting biopic. An extended flashback book-ended by an interview given to The Times, it may be just one story, or indeed one man's recollection of a story, but it is a multi-faceted, personal and affecting journey through a family's life told with warmth, reverence and frequently wry humour by director Jason Connery. Further, it is an inspection of Victorian Britain's rigid class system, stringent religious prejudice, and generational conflict, but above all the joys and conflict of a father's relationship with his eldest son. Thus, the titular honour at stake falls at the feet of two men. Connery's film belongs in equal part to the character of Tommy Morris Jr. thanks to an extremely impressive performance by up-and- comer Jack Lowden. If his father's gift was creation and invention, his was making the Morris tools of the trade sing... Though it may tell of one family's story in the late nineteenth century, and the superb costume and period attention to detail are firmly rooted in its time and place, the case that Tommy's Honour makes for breaking tradition, being true to oneself and challenging authority establishes thematic ties that are timeless.” - Matthew Anderson, CineVue

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May 20