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After The Storm

Rated Parental Guidance (Mature Theme) ~ Runs 117 minutes

Dir.: Hirokazu Koreeda, Japan

Hiroshi Abe, Yoko Maki, Kirin Kiki, Taiyo Yoshizawa
In Japanese with English subtitles

“Following Our Little Sister, Hirokazu Kore-eda is back writing his own material for After The Storm, a drama about precise emotional shifts in a splintered family unit. It’s what most of his movies are about, Our Little Sister included, but that’s why I love him. Set mostly in the suburbs of Tokyo, After The Storm zeroes in on the perpetually weary Ryota (Hiroshi Abe), who wrote a well-received book 15 years ago and has been researching the next one ever since. At least that’s what he tells people; really, he’s slouching through a job as a private detective, wasting money on every form of gambling available to him and worried that his ex-wife and son are falling for a new suitor. In the hopes of sparking a reconciliation, Ryota conspires to get everyone together in his widowed mother’s cramped apartment to see what happens. It does not go smoothly, thanks only in part to an approaching typhoon.... A rich, thoughtful character study that stands with its author’s finest work.” - Norman Wilner, Now Magazine

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September 16