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Rated General ~ Runs 80 minutes

Dir.: Ceyda Torun, Turkey
In Turkish with English subtitles

“Kedi made headlines in New York City, where it scored the largest per-screen gross of the weekend... Kedi is about the street cats of Istanbul and the people who care for them. And if that sounds like a thin premise for a feature-length documentary, I’ll just say that 80 minutes of cats wandering into markets and visiting restaurants and jumping around warehouses while affectionate observers share stories about their favourites is positively therapeutic right now. But it does end up being somewhat more substantial than a cat video; it’s also an examination of the human impulse for projection. Torun’s interview subjects can’t help seeing themselves in their furry friends, and each anecdote invariably reveals something essential about its teller. And the larger portrait of Istanbul as a city whose residents almost unconsciously look out for even the littlest among them is heartening... Plus, kittens. So many kittens.” - Norman Wilner, Now Magazine “Impossible to resist (and 100 percent allergy-free), Kedi is an almost shamelessly satisfying documentary about the thousands of scrappy wild cats that prowl Istanbul... Some of the most elegant camerawork to ever grace a nature doc.” - Time Out

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June 17