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More on  in the Internet Movie DatabaseSinging To Myself

Rated To Be Announced (Mature Theme) ~ Runs 75 minutes

Dir.: Harmony Wagner, Canada

Sophie MacLean, Bryde MacLean, Carl Peterson, Adi Vella, Heidi Grant, Russell Louder, Andrew Murray, Yanik Richards

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Debt. Underemployment. Awkward relationships.

Dissatisfied with her options in the world of striving, a young deaf woman, Iris, decides to give up on yearning to connect. Instead she floats along, working at a greenhouse, embracing her silent solitude and learning to be happy with less.

Everything is going just fine until she meets a precocious musician named Celeste.

Beautifully shot on Prince Edward lsland, Singing to Myself is an intimate gaze into the complexity and ease of female friendship.
β€œIt was the storytelling of two main characters whose chemistry, sincerity and bravery brought life into this inspired script. It was the stunning Island landscape and the insightful dialogue that left me with so much to contemplate. It was a sense that there was a new space being held; a space for integrity, friendship, acceptance and above all, a space for love, and that somehow my heart was part of it. This movie might stretch you as it did me. It might move you into uncomfortable places, have you wanting to shape and define the characters in some way. That is its brilliance.” – Emily Jelliffe, The Buzz

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May 20