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Rated Parental Guidance (Nudity) ~ Runs 104 minutes

Dir.: Kyle Rideout, Canada

Michael Eklund, Sara Canning, Christopher Heyerdahl

Audience Award Winner, Maui & Nashville Film Festivals; Winner of 5 Leo Awards

“Eadweard is a painstakingly beautiful portrait of Eadweard Muybridge; an early pioneer of photography and inadvertent grandfather of cinema. Fittingly, Tony Mirza's cinematography is exquisite and precise from the first frame to the last, but the film flies the flag for impeccable craft on all fronts: immaculately styled, inventively staged and carefully edited to move briskly through the focused and energetic script... Muybridge's life and temperament certainly hold plenty worth telling. The film paints Eadweard as an incessant, but endearing eccentric, apparently turned prematurely, and instantly, grey after a runaway stagecoach accident; a technical innovator who pushed both artistic and scientific boundaries, offending the morality of his day and allegedly inspiring Thomas Edison's (arguable) invention of the moving image along the way, and a visionary crippled by his obsessions. Then there's the matter of his passionate, but emotionally unfulfilled, marriage to Flora Muybridge and the love triangle... Driven by an obsession to understand the intricacies of even the simplest motions, Muybridge devised a revolutionary system of triggering multiple wet-plate cameras to photograph a subject in rapid sequence, resulting in a series of stop-motion images by which motion could be examined. Not one to settle for good enough, Muybridge soon insisted that all models be filmed in the nude, causing quite an uproar among his University benefactors, despite his relative conservancy in other spheres of life... His eccentricities are not the result of a man seeking attention, but one simply living outside the social order the rest of us take for granted... All in all, Eadweard is a lush, focused and lovingly crafted portrait of a man who felt the future calling and found himself rather out of place in his own time.” - Friedl Kreuser, StageBuddy

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March 24