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The Oxbow Cure

Rated Parental Guidance ~ Runs 79 minutes

Dir.: Yonah Lewis/Calvin Thomas, Canada, 2013

Claudia Dey, Grace Glowicki

“Deeply strange and instantly captivating, The Oxbow Cure draws us in before we can begin to grasp where it might lead.A woman suffering from an unspecified affliction leaves the city to spend the winter alone at her cottage on Oxbow Lake. She writes a letter to her dying father and consults a chat room regarding her treatment. Otherwise, there’s little communication between her and the rest of the human race. But she spots a figure wandering outdoors that may not be quite human. Its flesh looks charred. It walks as though on cloven hooves, or like it’s crippled by lower back pain. Is it a monster, some emaciated, snowbound swamp thing? Is it the woman’s double? And what to make of that mysterious light in the woods? Is it a UFO? The soul of her father? Recalling the stories of Haruki Murakami, the film balances these mysteries with a precise sense of place and character. Dey conveys near-palpable anxiety and curiosity, providing this enigmatic story with its emotional anchor... this is a strikingly intimate and imaginative journey into the phantasmagoric wilderness.” - Jose Teodoro, Now Magazine. “Not only one of the better Canadian efforts of the year, but one of the best of 2013... The Oxbow Cure isn't a film that will be for everyone, but for anyone looking for something to challenge them both artistically and intellectually that embraces the nature of truly understanding one's self, it isn't going to get any better than this.” - David Voigt,

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February 17