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Coast Modern

Rated General ~ Runs 56 minutes

Dir.: Mike Bernard/Gavin Froome, Canada/US, 2012

Presented by The Architects’ Association of PEI In Celebration of Architecture Week.
Free admission

“Frank Lloyd Wright often designed entrances to his homes through a low, narrow entry that burst into an airy, open space. He wanted people to feel a sense of delight and surprise upon stepping into a dwelling... Coast Modern, an ode to modernist architecture, evokes similar emotions. It’s a rare look inside creatively designed homes ranging from minimalist to zany, found along the west coast of North America from California to Vancouver. It will have you looking at your four walls in a different way, and will seduce any fan of the 20th-century-born style of architecture based on the ideal that a home transforms those who live in it... The filmmakers use fluid camerawork to give a sense of floating through space to take the viewer through some of the most significant homes on the west coast of America and Canada. Passionate narration comes from the homes’ owners, scholars, writers and architects... The ‘greatest hits’ of the region’s architecture are all there, especially the stunning Pierre Koenig-designed Stahl House which seems to hang out and over Los Angeles. But there are also enough examples of everyday modernism, homes in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver where people are in harmony with glass, steel, concrete and the world beyond their walls, enjoying life in ‘a habitable work of art.’ - Linda Barnard, The Toronto Star

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July 12